Clear the List!

Clear the List!

Published | Written by Julio & Jeannette Arias

School is back in session, and we all know what that means, homework, projects, reports, etc.… and lots of supplies will be needed for all those things and more.
For the entire month of September, we want to help some local teachers "Clear the List" of needed supplies. We understand every school district is different and many times teachers find themselves buying reams of paper, pencils, markers, and so much more out of their own pockets. Our goal for this month is to help these teachers get each item off their lists so they can focus all their efforts on providing kids with the best educational experience possible.
We'd love your help clearing the lists. You can help our teachers by making a direct purchase from their Amazon wish lists which you can find here.
We know these teachers will appreciate the community effort of clearing their lists. Please feel free to share this with your friends and family. Let's show these teachers that they have all the support they need.



Remember, children are the future, let's help those who help shape their minds!


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